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Grappling With the Unknown

In this week’s episode of the Tällberg Foundation Podcast, we listen to a conversation between Anne Goldfeld, Faustin Linyekula and Saul Griffith who share their perspectives on the future and their relationship with it.

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What is the future of democracy?

Episode 2 of the podcast: Are the Western democracies the model to emulate for non-Western countries or do they require different models? Do democracies sufficiently represent all their constituents? How are minorities protected?

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Brain Guys

2018 Winner, Rafa Yuste, hosted a group from the Tällberg Foundation for a tour of his lab, a presentation of key aspects of his research, and a discussion of the profound ethical implications of the current explosion of knowledge about the brain.

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Names of the Dead

Poet Sitawa Namwalie performance opened the Tällberg workshop in Nairobi on November 13 when she read three works: Names of the Dead, A woman’s body parts, and We leave our house to go home.

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New Thinking for a New World

By convening an amazing group of participants from Kenya and around the world, we hope to make new connections, to imagine new pathways, and to inspire new actions

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The Magnificent Seven

In August, the 2019 Tällberg/Eliasson Global Leadership Prize jury convened to select the finalists for this year’s Prize. We took the opportunity to ask our new jury members for their thoughts on the challenges of leadership in the 21st century.

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Triple Vision

Finalist Anne Goldfeld is a physician-scientist and humanitarian who works at the intersection of scientific discovery and delivery of care for infectious disease.

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